Help for Impaired Professionals in San Diego

An Impaired Professional. What is it? Well, first off, it’s a term I can’t personally stand as it is suggestive of an ongoing impaired state of mind when it really is about a specific moment in time. It is defined in the treatment world as any professional who is seeking help for a substance abuse problem. In the past, Impaired Professional groups were part of diversion programs. Meaning that the professional may not lose their license to practice their job if they participate in a therapy program. No one- doctors, lawyers, therapists, pharmacists, surgeons, C-Suite executives are immune from a substance use problem. You are in a high-stress work environment and often the quickest way to some relief is a cocktail, a smoke, or a pill. Over time, this behavior can lead to abuse, or addiction of the substance, or legal consequences such as a DUI. When that happens, it can feel like the whole world is crashing in on you. Your professional license may be on review for disciplinary action. You are concerned about not only your livelihood but that of your staff should you lose your license. You feel a tremendous amount of responsibility and overwhelm. You hope to “just” get probation, but the stress of this new worry is really overwhelming. You want help, but you are concerned about your reputation and you’re not sure how someone else will understand.

At Coaching Through Chaos, we provide confidential, caring, non-judgmental counseling to help you sort through the problems that overwhelm you. We respect how you have built your career and we want to help you feel emotionally strong enough to not only keep your license and job but also strong enough to fight for it as needed. We understand that you are not perfect but may live under the veil of perceived perfection. Lately though, you feel like a fraud and are feeling anxious, mortified and fearful that you could lose everything you’ve worked so hard for. We want to help you accept where your life is at and restore it to your intended path to keep you on the road to success.

Let Us Help YOU

This is a solvable problem and does not have to end your career. Our clients often are able to continue working with their business is minimally impacted by their circumstances.

My Record Speaks for Itself

Dr. Colleen Mullen has been working with impaired professionals for well over a decade now. She was the Director of Rehab Services at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and her work with addicted CEO’s was featured in this FORTUNE Magazine article in 2015.

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What we offer:

Individual Counseling: We have extensive experience working with persons through their recovery process. We work from the harm reduction model, meeting our client where they need to be. We recognize that different people have different needs. We will tailor our work to your specific needs.

Individual Assessment for court hearings: An assessment to determine if a substance use or addiction problem is present is often requested by the court or your attorney. The Assessment is a 90-minute interview. Cost $950

Relationship Counseling: When there is a substance use problem, it often becomes a point of contention in a relationship. And if there has been a DUI or a threat of professional license suspension, that stress increases between partners exponentially. We help couples manage those emotions, learn how to accept the circumstance for what it is and learn how to re-establish trust and support each other.

Expert Testimony: Dr. Colleen Mullen, Psy.D., LMFT is available for expert testimony as needed. Cost: $600/hour (including travel time).

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*PPO plans accepted for individual counseling. All other services on this page are not covered medical expenses. Payment is expected at the time of service.