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Dr. Colleen Mullen, Psy.D, LMFT
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Dr Mullen , a member of CAMFT, provides therapy in San Diego

 Member of the
California Association of
Marriage and Family Therapists


Thanks for checking out my "professional bio" page. It's probably a good idea that you have some knowledge of my experience in the field before you hire me (Scroll down for my formal resume).  My calling has always been as a helper, a puzzle solver and no matter the situation, I could always see the bigger picture.  I had an early career at a law firm in New York where I was able to hone my management skills and had great examples of strong leadership around me. My dream, though, was to become a therapist and consultant - helping people get past those points in their life or business that are stuck because of some emotional obstacle. I am proud to say, I've been living out my dream career for almost 2 decades now (2020). My experience in the field of psychology has ranged from helping foster kids transitioning out of the foster system, to adults struggling with addiction, depression or a really tough break-up.  Over the past decade, the people I worked with started shifting more towards those in executive positions, the self-employed and other entrepreneurial types. They were seeking help with their personal life, but inevitably, they would describe other struggles in their businesses ad our work would morph into a hybrid of psychotherapy and leadership coaching. For as much as we may have our "game faces" for the professional environment, we are the same people in ALL of our relationships. Inevitably we would explore where their emotional obstacles got int the way from them have not just the personal life they wanted, but also the business they dreamed of.

I specialize in helping you design the path to the future you dream of living, while understanding the emotional obstacles that have influenced your choices in life.

My professional degree path has led to a Masters in Marriage & Family therapy in 2002.  I've been Board-licensed since 2006 and earned my Doctorate degree in 2009. I've always found great opportunities to help my clients meet or surpass their own expectations.  I am a systemic psychotherapist by degree, and a literal chaostician, at least by Jurassic Park standards. Please check out "What is Coaching Through Chaos?" to find out how Chaos Theory rocked my world so much, I created a new psychology theory utilizing it's constructs to explain the pathway to successful and permanent systemic changes.

I launched the Coaching Through Chaos Podcast in 2015.  Hosting this podcast allows me to seek out all sorts of outstanding  people who share their expertise to help you, "Conquer the Chaos in your Life!" I authored my first book: The 60-Day Plan for Embracing Your Inner Leader in 2019, as the first in a series of Workbooks.  This one is to help empower women hone their leadership skills (The men's version is due out in 2021).  In recent years, I have been honored to have been quoted or interviewed for a couple of hundred articles, podcasts and radio shows.  PsychCentral, Martha Stewart WeddingsFortune, or speaking at NAB Show 2019 (National Association of Broadcasters) - are just some of the places you'll find me. I enjoy moments in my career where my ideas can have an impact on the mental health of the community-at-large.

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^^^These are just a few of the places you'll find me around the internet.  You can see the full page of media mentions here 

colleen mullen on stage at NAB SHow 2019

I was asked to speak as a representative of the Podcast Movement conference at NAB SHOW 2019.  The topic was  "Growing and Keeping your Podcast Audience".  The National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas is the largest of it's kind. Podcast Movement is the "world's largest community for podcasters".  This was a great honor.


Making a life change is an important venture in your life.  Finding the right therapist or coach is vital to this process.  I understand this and you will be respected for this decision.  My hope is to establish a positive, encouraging environment from which you can feel safe to discuss you life thus far and the ways you would like it enhanced. I will do her part to be supportive, clear and understanding.

In my free time (yes, I do actually find some), I enjoy outdoor exercise, gardening, playing the piano and  spending quality time with friends and family.




Professional Experience


Psy.D., Marriage & Family Therapy, Alliant International University 2009
M.A., Marriage & Family Therapy,  United States International University 2002

Work Experience

Coaching Through Chaos, 2009-Present

 Individual and Relationship Counseling, SMB Consulting, Podcast Host, Private Practice Consultation, Clinical Supervision, Expert Testimony

Mullen Psychological Services, 2007 - 2009
Individual, Marital, Family, Child & Adolescent Counseling & Assessments; Supervision of MFT Interns

Contract Behavioral Health Services, 2012- Present 
Providing Educationally Related Mental Health Assessments & Counseling

Vista Hill GPS Program, 2013-Present
Contracted Educationally-Related Mental Health Assessor

San Diego City College, 2008-2011
Adjunct Faculty

Alliant International University, 2008-2010
Adjunct Faculty

PsyCare, 2009-2012    
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Telecare Corporation, 2006-2007   
Team Lead

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, 2005-2006 
Director of Rehabilitation Services

Triple L Group Homes, 2002-2004 
House Social Worker

Mental Health Systems, 2001-2002  
Recovery Specialist


Publications / Conference Presentations

Rivers, P.C., Mullen, C.J., & Malakoff, M. (2010). Substance Abuse & Psychopathology: Dually Diagnosed Patients, In G.W. & A.W. Lawson (Eds.) Alcoholism and Substance Abuse in Diverse Populations (2nd ed), (p. 47-74). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

The Annual Conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences , Milwaukee July 2009.
An Ecosystemic Integration of Chaos, General Systems and Family Systems and Family Systems Theories Applied  to Therapist  Anxiety and Trauma During Individual and Family Life  Discontinuous Transitions.