Do you need a SMB Consultant?

Somehow you have ended up exploring the idea of hiring a consultant to help you with your business. When this happens, there’s often a feeling of being “stuck” somewhere and not being able to see your way out of it.  That’s a tough place to be mentally, because as a business owner, you probably had some idea that you were able to see the bigger picture of situations and find solutions to problems that others couldn’t. These kind of dilemmas come up in business.  It’s just how it is.  Sometimes we can find our way out of them, sometimes we can’t . That’s when we need someone to help us solve our problem.

***Many business owners and C-Suite executives are finding it difficult to transition through this Covid Pandemic experience.  If you find you need a bit of a boost to understand the nuances of what your employees as well as yourself are carrying around emotionally post-pandemic,  please see note at bottom of page for a special offering. ***

The Generic Business Coach

If you’ve been a small or medium sized business owner for a while now, you’ve probably been barraged, as I have been, but business coaches on LinkedIn. These coaches send blind messages based on some generic search criteria and send you messages talking about “helping you take your business to the next level” or will take you to “7 figure income” – uh- I don’t know about you, but that’s a total turn off. I actually enjoy writing back to many of them when I need a few minutes to kill to ask for links to the 7 figure businesses they have helped build. I get crickets….every time.  And if they’re so good at what they do how is it they have time to “cold call” strangers on LinkedIn on a Tuesday afternoon. Definitely not someone I want to work with.

My Approach – The Psychological Approach to Helping Your Business

I am not actually a “business coach“.  My work as a coach was developed through two channels of knowledge. My own experience in management and as a business owner for over 14 years, as well as my almost 20 years of experience working with business owners, respected experts and executives as their therapist.

My Specialties Lie in:

  1. Building Leadership Skills
  2. Improving Customer Service
  3. Increasing Employee Retention

What my Clients Wanted

These executives, business owners and experts would seek out my services for various reasons, primarily for things that were happening to them as a  result of owning a business or holding a high ranking professional position. Many times, they would want me to help them “find their motivation”, or figure out why they are stuck, or why their employees would keep leaving unexpectedly.

Well, through this process, I learned that among this level of competence, there was a missing emotional component, but when that was tapped into, they could then get back on their successful path.

What my Clients Needed

The emotional piece of the puzzle that was missing was in the Relationships they had.  Their Relationships with their employees, as well as their Relationships with the customers. Ultimately though, it was their Relationships with themselves that needed some restructuring.

RESTRUCTURING. Not healing. Not growing. Not fixing. Just – Restructuring.

What my Clients Got

I ultimately worked with my clients on restructuring how they view themselves in the context of the life they are now living. As my client, you will get my expert emotional insight applied to your business.


The Process of How the Work with Take Place

Step 1 – Assessment

I will meet with you to hear out your presenting problem.  I will explore with you what you think happened, how it has affected your business. What you want done about it and where you got stuck. From there, I will also ask you about the following:

How imposter Syndrome rears its ugly head.

How Perceived Failures have impacted your confidence.

Explore your communication style and how you relate to others.

When the feeling you had about your business changed.

How did you feel? hat did you say? Or What did you not say that you should have?

Discover your Blind Spots.


STEP 2 – Set a Plan of Action

We will set up a plan for you to gain the skills necessary to enact your end goal.  That’s where some of the emotional work will come in. If necessary, I may also solicit information from staff, vendors or customers by way of surveys that will help you better understand the future, based on how the problem is perceived currently.


STEP 3 – Resolution of the Problem

Our work will be done when the goal is reached. Three months is an average time you can expect this process to take place.


If you’re wondering if i can help you build your teams up, Absolutely! Give me a call and tell me what you’re looking for.



Let’s Get Started! 

Call today for a 20-minute exploratory consult call. me at (619)881-0051 ext 700

Packages are designed based on your specific needs. You are investing in your emotional growth as a business owner.


Post-Pandemic Business Coaching

Post-Pandemic Business Coaching – What you need to know about the emotional effects of the global Covid-19 crisis.  How it is affecting everyone around you, including your employees. What you need to know. How to address it. How to take care of your company while building moral and a strong team to carry on as you set out too.

$600 for a 2-hour presentation over Zoom. You can record the presentation. You can have as many people as you want on the call. I provide room at the end for questions and answers.