Dr Colleen Mullen explaing Coaching Through Chaos
Coaching Through Chaos is my synthesis of psychotherapy integrated with pro-active coaching methods. It was borne out of my doctoral studies focusing on the pull towards established chaotic relationship dynamics people feel when they try to make a change in their life. Some people become emotionally “stuck” – they claim to want to make a change, but they don’t seem to make any progress. Other people start to make progress towards a goal, but don’t understand why they do things that seem to be the direct opposite of their continued success. Through my knowledge and expertise of systemic relational patterns and Chaos Theory, I can teach you to understand your own behavior more clearly.  I’ve developed a mapping system to help you understand yourself through different points of change in your life.

The work we will do together is designed to help you gain an understanding about how the relationship patterns you developed over your lifetime influence how you interact and perceive others and how you perceive yourself. Once there is awareness and a stated goal, the work towards change happens.

Coaching Through Chaos takes into account the complex interplay of past, present and future, helping you resolve the past, overcome fears of the future and live fully in the present. Our day to day thoughts tend to oscillate between dwelling on the past and stressing about the future.

With Coaching Through Chaos, the past is resolved, the future is decided by the present and no longer a source of anxiety, leaving you free to accomplish what you want, today.

Let me help you get “un-stuck” and moving towards the life you really want!