Out Patient Addiction Therapy in San Diego

So, you found this page for a reason. Maybe you are the one struggling with self-medicating with alcohol or drugs.  Maybe you love someone who you are worried about their substance use. There’s a multitude of other reasons you may have gotten to this page, but all of the reasons are around getting help for alcoholism or drug abuse.

We are here to help.

At Coaching Through Chaos, we are an outpatient counseling office.  What that means for our clients who need support with managing or ending their substance use, is that we meet initially for a 60-minute assessment to find out just where you are in your relationship with alcohol or drugs.  We will want to hear how you speak about it, feel about it, and what brought you to seek some guidance.  Once we complete our first meeting, we will develop a plan for helping you to not only change how you think and experience alcohol or drugs, but also help you explore and understand the negative underpinnings you carry with you that have led you to feel helpless to your behavior. At that time, we will make recommendations for the best practices for getting you in touch with your recovery as efficiently as possible.


There is no shame here, we want to know you and how addiction showed up in your life.

We know that the disease of addiction does not care how much or how little you have accomplished in life.  It doesn’t matter how hard you worked for something, or how “good” you’ve been to your loved ones.  When it hits, it hits. You can’t buy your way into new behavior and you can’t hide what it has done or taken from your life. Maybe you thought you were doing that for a little while, but now, you just can’t hide the effects of what it’s doing to you. We understand. We will believe what you say and will want to establish a relationship with you where you feel comfortable sharing what you need to in order to end this destructive behavior.

Our Approach

We will be straight with you and we will only want to work with you when you are ready to be honest and straight-forward with us.  We will work to establish trust with you. We work from a harm-reduction model. This means that what works for some, may not work for you. We don’t look at recovery as all-or-nothing.  We know the road to recovery can be rocky, so we stay open and calm when you feel the chaos of the journey is hitting you.

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San Diego Addiction Recovery Counseling

Finding the right Addiction Counselor

We understand that you may have tried to give up your addiction sometime in the past.  We won’t judge you for times you feel you failed.  We understand that when you are working toward recovery from an addiction you will have to re-adjust many things in your life in order to remain clean and sober. Finding the right counselor is important. You will want a counselor who will tell you what you need to hear and the best possible path for successful recovery. The addiction counselors here at Coaching Through Chaos are passionate and seasoned in working with clients who have struggled for many years with their addictions.  We care about our clients,many times when they feel that no one does, or could, care about them. We look at our with with you as a team effort.

Many of our clients benefit from additional community-based services, such as AA, NA and SMART Recovery.   We can work in tandem with what works for you. We aren’t a program, and you don’t graduate from our work. You tell us what your goals are and we help guide you to reach them.   that their clients before, during and as additional services to their support meetings (AA, NA, SMART recovery, etc).  We can help you develop the path to recovery while you get your life, career and relationships back on track.

We provide.guidance and support to help you weather the chaotic storm of recovery.

Addictions we Treat

There are different types of addition but they all manifest themselves as the compulsive and repeated behavior despite the dangers. Loosely speaking, there are two broad categories of addiction: substance addiction which involves something you ingest (eat, drink, breathe,  inject), and behavior addiction which involves something you do. Multiple addictive struggles are common. We know that and will explore how to help prevent you from substituting one for another as we go through this process of recovery together.

  • Substance Addictions

  • Alcoholism.

  • Struggles with alcohol with alcohol range from habitual drinking, to problem binge drinking, to the person who is on the downward spiral of destroying their life because they have lost control of their use.

          Drug Addiction

          Meth, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, tobacco, Xanax. Drug addiction                       covers all substances.

  • Impulse Control Disorders:

  • This type of behavior is a little more stealth and may not be easy to identify.  Although a person may know that stealing is wrong, they still do it because they crave the excitement. Compulsive eating, stealing, shopping, gaming, gambling and sexual compulsions are most common.


What happens when outpatient treatment is not enough?

There are some select times where we may, upon assessment, determine that other, more intensive services need to be rendered first in order to most safely help effect the change you are seeking.  We can help coordinate that treatment for you.  We know a lot of the barriers to getting the right treatment often lie in not knowing where to turn or how to get the services needed.  We don’t shut our door on you.  We will  help get you moving in the right direction and then welcome you back when you are most safely prepared to succeed.  Your physical health takes priority in the early stage of recovery. We will coordinate care to lead you to healthy change most efficiently.


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San Diego Addiction Recovery Counseling

To tell if you are an addict or an enthusiast ask yourself this question: “What am I willing to give up to pursue this activity?” Do you rack up credit card bills, ignore family and friends, or sell things to continue your ‘past-time’? If your life lacks balance and you fell like you are spiraling out of control, then let’s talk. .


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