I like to start most days off with some vigorous exercise.  I find it’s the best way for me to let go of some stress while also feeling more energized before a long day at the office.  Exercise is one of the best natural remedies of anxiety and depression and is a tremendous stress reviler.   The article in the link below refers to research that’s finding that a 10 minute walk can have the same stress relieving benefits as a 45 minute workout.  Through other things I do to schedule “me” time into my life, I have the ability to workout for an hour or longer when I want to.  I very much realize that most people don’t have this kind of time.  However, everyone has 10 minutes! When’s the last time you took a 10 minute walk outside your office during your lunch hour? or a 10 minute early on a Saturday morning to let go of the Monday through Friday stressors and get your head in to “weekend mode”.  When all else fails, you can walk in place while you watch the morning news or if you normally watch shows at night.

I think because of the level of stress some people deal with, they feel they have to go “all or nothing” into an “exercise routine”.  If you connect with that thinking, I would tell you to just concentrate on 10 minutes of movement today.  Get that out of the way, then worry about tomorrow.

Think of the 10 minutes of movement as your daily pill of “movement medicine”.’s funny, when a doctor prescribes someone medicine, we take it.  But when a doctor prescribes an exercise routine, they rarely get followed through on.

If you find that you want to start this 10 minute (or longer) of movement in your life, but you are having trouble getting motivated, check out my website CoachingThroughChaos.com – I would love to help you tap into your motivation and get you moving towards a more stress-free life!

Best wishes for success to you!