‘I got 99 problems … and my inability to self-motivate is causing every single one of them’

We all struggle at some point in time with gathering up the motivation we need to achieve what we want to.   Is there something you can do differently just one day this week that will get you closer to a goal you have for yourself?  Here are some small ways to make changes:

If you want to save money, but you buy coffee every day: Can you skip the coffee run 1 day this week and leave that $5.00 in your account?

If you want to get a new job, but don’t think you have the time to address this:  Can you search the internet for 1 hour, 1 night this week and decide to email your resume to just 1 place during that hour?

If you want to exercise, but haven’t “found the time”: Can you plan ahead before you go to work 1 day this week and pack your sneakers.  Decide to take a 20 minute walk around your employer parking lot (even if that’s all you have access to) during your lunch hour.

I recognize that these are small and basic examples, but sometimes we don’t realize how small changes can lead to more regular habits.  I’m positive you will feel better when you hold yourself to 1 small change – just for this week!

P.S. When you realize you felt better making the “1 small change”, try it again next week….& the week after…& the week after that…&… Best wishes for success!