This weekend focus on something that makes you feel energized!

Is there a place in town you haven’t been to in a while?  Do you have a home project you’ve been putting off? Me, I’m going to get to a local lake to get in a jog in a lovely setting – that makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself. Life can get sooo busy! Yes- we all have obligations that take up our time and can feel like we don’t have time for the things that energize us, but there are often ways in which we can steal a little time for something we really want.

Tonight, before you go to sleep- think about how you want to spend your time this weekend.  Maybe even write out a plan for yourself.  Do you need to get up earlier in the morning to get some self-care in?  Do you need to elicit some support from your partner or a friend in order to feel like you can take care of yourself as well as your family this weekend.  Think about what you need, and then figure out how to make it happen