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When we try to make changes, we can feel pulled back towards our starting point. We can end up feeling like we keep taking steps back instead of moving forward.
What is Coaching through Chaos ?   Developed by Dr. Mullen as part of her research, Coaching Through Chaos provides a way to understand the push/pull between success and remaining stuck.
We will help you map out a plan for change and design a plan to most efficiently help you achieve your goals, whether they be in the context of individual therapy or couples counseling.

Counseling Specialities

We provide both individual counseling and couples counseling in San Diego.
Clients seeking therapy with us predominantly do so for issues related to any of the following

  • depression,
  • anxiety (social anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, OCD),
  • relationship struggles,
  • substance abuse problems.

We love working with people in transition - whether that be transitioning in or out of a new relationship or career change, healing from a trauma or recovering from an addiction.
For people with addictions, we offer outpatient therapy services to help you deal with your life as it is, how you got addicted and how to create a new addiction-free future.
For those working through relationship struggles, we have highly specialized training to provide the best possible outcome for your relationship. 

Concierge Service

Even though all clients of  our therapy and coaching services receive top-notch treatment,  the Coaching Through Chaos (CTC) Concierge Service was designed to meet the needs of Executives, Medical Professionals, Athletes and other high achieving people with little time to spare!

Our Concierge Therapy or Coaching Service provides you with our high quality care at your office, by Skype or even by phone.  We can meet with you early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekend - this is a very special service that is truly unique in this field and designed to meet you where and when suits you best!

All service are confidential and your privacy is protected at all times.

Coaching Services

Sometimes people are not dealing with major emotional  struggles, but feel stuck in some area of their life.  For those people, we offer Coaching packages tailored to meet your needs.  You may be thinking of a career goal or transition, a health goal or a relationship goal.  Coaching can focus on resilience skills building, strengths building, decreasing performance anxiety, increasing self-esteem and motivation to change. Coaching is centered on where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.  We help you focus and stay motivated to meet your goals!

Consulting & Public Speaking

Dr. Mullen's expertise has been featured on Fortune.com,  ESPN 1700AM Radio, The Network Journal and other media outlets.
Dr. Mullen would enjoy collaborating with you to bring new information to your audience.
For therapists seeking guidance on building their private practice, Dr. Mullen can arrange to consult with you for that purpose.