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I’ll be a guest speaker at this weekend’s Second Saturday workshop. This workshop is for anyone going through the process of divorce, or thinking about it. This workshop is designed to educate you about the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce. It is presented to you by

The following aspects of divorce will be covered in this workshop:

  • Legal: If you have questions about what to expect from a legal standpoint, there will be an attorney there providing you will the reasons why you would, or why you would not hire a lawyer to get through the process. The divorce process will be explained and you will leave with an educated understanding of what your options are.
  • Financial: The financial aspects are covered by a Certified Financial Planner. He can tell you about how to understand what counts as a “financial asset” and the information you will need to best protect yourself and amicably complete the financial portion of your divorce.
  • Emotional:The emotional aspects of divorce will be covered, this time around, by me. I’ll walk you through how to tell the kids, how to take care of yourself and what to know about the emotional process of divorce. The article covering this presentation is available here: How to divorce and keep your sanity.
  • Real Estate: You will also hear from a Real Estate specialist who can advise you on the aspects of how to most amicably handle the real estate portion of your divorce.

Then you’ll hear from Triad Mediation. Triad’s owner, Jo-Ann Little, will tell you her personal motivation to build Triad Mediation after her own divorce. She’ll then cover what Triad has to offer and how you to connect with them if you wish to find out more.

The entire workshop lasts 3 hours. Most of the speakers, myself included, are not paid for our time, but we see it as a relevant service to provide to our community to better prepare our San Diego families for embarking on this process in a healthy, well-prepared way.

In addition to all the fantastic information you’ll gain from the scheduled speakers, there will also be time to “ask the experts” at the end of the workshop where you can get personal questions answered, or set up meetings to follow up with them at a later date.

Time: 9am – 12pm
Place: UCSD Extension: 404 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108
There is a fee for this workshop, but if you pre-register, there is a discount! You can register here.