Ret.Chief Matt Shobert interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast

Fire and Iron VS. TBI and PTSD

Matt Shobert ~ Now retired Fire Chief and Ironman athlete, Matt Shobert shares with us the details of his near fatal accident on the line, and how his life changed due to TBI / PTSD. His story of survival, which he attributes in part to his physical fitness, will inspire you. His experiences with PTSD since…


Rick Collins (Vets360) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast

Vets360 End the Stigma of PTS(d)

Rick Collins ~ Founder and executive director of ~ A veteran himself, Rick’s mission is to help our new generation of returning combat veterans re-acclimatize to the society and freedom that they have been protecting. In this episode, set to release on tuesday 10/20, Rick speaks candidly about the need to remove the stigma…


Dr Bonnie Bergin (Paws for Purple Hearts) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast

Paws for Purple Hearts

Bonnie Bergin ~ creator of the service dog, she shares with us compelling stories of their origin and history, as well as the current initiative Paws for Purple Hearts – in which Veterans train service dogs to assist fellow Veterans in need.  Paws for Purple Hearts  is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization – and you can…


Andrew Chang (Eastern Foundry) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast

Watching out for our Vets : The Eastern Foundry Incubator

Andrew Chang There are many organizations coming up with new approaches to treating PTSD as we speak.  For this episode, I had the opportunity to interview Andrew Chang, one of 4 managing partners of the Eastern Foundry, a veteran-owned technology and innovation incubator. In their own words:  “Eastern Foundry is a first-of-its-kind marketplace where technologists,…