New ebook: 5 Ways to …

5 ways to ...

Today sees the launch of Dr Colleen Mullen’s new ebook
  5 Ways to … 100 Tips for Living a Happier, Healthier Life.
This little book can help you improve almost all aspects of your life. It contains a series of 20 lists of “5 Ways to..”: Improve your relationship, quit smoking, be a positive parent, improve your self-esteem, be more social, interrupt worry thoughts, improve your motivation to exercise, keep a cleaner home, be more effective in the morning, manage your time, get the job you want, take online dating offline, eat in more mindful ways, be more community-minded, be happier, find spare time in your day, improve your energy, improve your sleep, effectively manage your time, and resolve a conflict. You can pick and choose what you need from each category and figure out what combination works best for you.

You can find the kindle version at   The iPad release is forthcoming.

Five Ways to get the Job You Want

  1. Update your resume. Even if you are going for a job that does not require a resume, submitting one can improve your chances of getting an interview.
  2. Write a cover letter tailored to the company you want to work for. Find out who you are writing to, a bit of history on the company, and let them know why they should be interested in meeting you.
  3. Talk to people who work at the company to find out more about it. Let them know you are interested in any open positions and what your skills set is.
  4. Talk to friends (& anyone else that will listen).Let them know you are looking for a job.
  5. Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up! Persistency & consistency in your efforts will increase the chances of you getting an interview.

Five Ways to Resolve Conflict

 Need to resolve conflict at home or in the workplace? These five ways can help you get started in the right direction…

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Speak with a purpose. Think before you speak.
    What is the point you are trying to make?
  3. State your viewpoint clearly and concisely.
  4. Keep your tone calm. Two (or more) persons speaking loudly in order to be “heard” are rarely listened to.
  5. Be gracious no matter what the outcome. It is alright to agree to disagree. Conflicts are not contests, the goal is not to win, it is to resolve a problem.