The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast Announcement!

Dr Colleen Mullen  is launching The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast on  New episodes will launch every Tuesday starting June 2, 2015. Each week she is going to bring you an interview with an expert that will bring you information and resources she’s hoping will enhance your life. We’ve got episodes coming up about resiliency, how to have a better relationships, how to help yourself when you have an addiction, and how to live better from the inside out. Our first episode will be part of a monthly series to help our veteran population. Dr. Mullen’s first interview is with Dr. Mark Wiederhold of the Virtual Reality Medical Center in San Diego.  They are doing some fascinating work around combat trauma and helping to heal PTSD through the use of virtual reality technology. Please see her blog post/article with pictures of my experiences on n my Contributor page or  on my blog at

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