Qwerky Coliving - A Housing Experience for Entrepreneurs

This episode of The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast features my interview with David Lowe, founder, of Qwerky Coliving.  Qwerky is a home in San Diego where entrepreneurs, digital nomads, virtual assistants, and other motivated individuals can come and live for a week or for a year (or more!). Qwerky is in its initial phase of it's launch.  Their Bootcamp launch weekend was Jun17-18th, just at the start of Start Up Week.  The stay at the home is designed as a personalized experience designed to meet the individual's needs.  This means in addition to providing a home environment in which such inivudals can find a productivity-focused environment, they will also be made aware of community ammenities that are available as well as being made aware of certain business connections that could benefit their goals.

Listen in as we discuss:

- David's motivation to start Qwerky Coliving,

- The ups and downs of the entrepreneur's journey

- David's previous start-up success, Uber Pong

- Plans for Qwerky Coliving houses in other cities.

- How you can get involved with the Qwerky Coliving community



website: Qwerky Coliving

email: hi@qwerkycoliving.com

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