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Colleen’s work with addicted executives was featured in this article on, “Where do CEOs with addictions go when they need rehab?”

If you’ve ever loved and addict, you may understand Colleen’s take on “The Hurricane and the Honeymoon”.

Colleen was interviewed for a monthly feature called “Clinician’s on the Couch”. You can read Colleen’s interview here.

Colleen was featured in an article on providing information on “The Many Conditions the Mimic Depression”. You can read that article here:

Colleen was featured in “What Depression Is & What it Isn’t”. You can read that article here

There are lots of ‘Outdated Notions about Schizophrenia”. Colleen was a featured expert in this article

Colleen was quoted in this article on “When you’re Dating (or Married to) a Pessimist”.

Colleen was quoted in this Business News daily article, “10 Signs You’re Addicted to Being an Entrepreneur”

Colleen was quoted in, “Your Relationship May Be Doomed if you Can’t Get Past these 5 Disagreements”


These are articles Colleen wrote for the Everyday Power Blog website:

7 Successful Habits You Should Start doing Immediately

8 Surefire Ways to Destroy Any relationship

5 Lessons Learned from Tragedy

A Guide to Erasing Bad Habits from Your Life

Radio/Podcast Guest Appearances:

Colleen had the opportunity to talk about her love of chaos theory and her work in psychology on this very popular podcast. Click on the link to listen.


Colleen spoke more personally on this podcast. She hopes her story of adversity inspires those that listen. You can click on the link to listen.

Aug. 2016
Colleen had the opportunity to explain her ideas connecting chaos theory and the process of emotional change. Follow this link to the short YouTube clip

Jan. 2015
Colleen had the opportunity to discuss the difference between coaching and therapy. Click on the link to play the short YouTube clip.