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Super Commuter Couples (1/19/2016) - Megan Bearce, LMFT ~ author of 'Super Commuter Couples - Staying Together When a Job Keeps You Apart' , shares hints and tips from her book to help couples navigate the complexities of the Super Commuting lifestyle. Buy it from amazon... Podcast: Play in new window | Download (44.0MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | […]
The Men’s Story Project: Building Strength, Creating Peace (2/2/2016) - Jocelyn Lehrer, ScD ~  Founder/Director of the Men’s Story Project, Senior Research Associate at the University of California-San Francisco Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health and Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies. The Why... The Men’s Story Project originated in 2008 to help community groups create live story-sharing events, educational films, and other mass media […]
Alan Brown - CrusherTV Crushing ADHD with CrusherTV (2/16/2016) - Alan Brown~ founder and host of Crusher™TV and the award winning ADD Crusher video series.What is CrusherTV?Crusher™TV is a weekly online TV hosted by "Mess to Success" entrepreneur and productivity coach Alan Brown.  He and his A-List guests deliver life-changing solutions to a members-only audience. This show is meant to help the "crazy-busy" people - […]
School Of Psych (3/1/2016) - Jared DeFife, PhD ~ the host of the School Of Psych podcast joins us today for a reciprocal interview in which he talks about his path, his practice and his podcast.  Meanwhile, over at the School of Psych podcast, you can hear his interview with Dr Mullen. On the School of Psych Podcast, Jared brings his […]
Adaptive Sports Foundation (3/14/2016) - Pam Greene ~ the Program director at the Adaptive Sports Foundation shares with us some of the success stories of the program, along with upcoming fundraiser events. We have a special place in our hearts over here at Coaching Through Chaos for people who help those with physical disabilities.  My father was a paraplegic and I […]
The DINK Summit – 21 Experts in 21 Days (3/28/2016) - Robyn D'Angelo ~ is the Happy Couple Expert, and she will be hosting the DINK SUMMIT of 2016, featuring 21 guest experts in 21 days. The Dink Summit begins on April 11th, 2016. Is Your Relationship EPIC??? Do you know if your a DINK or a MINK? What's that, you ask?  Well, a DINK refers to […]
Dan Franks of Podcast Movement (4/12/2016) - Dan Franks ~ Co-Founder of Podcast Movement, tells us about the upcoming event in Chicago, July 2016...Podcast Movement 2016July 6-8Chicago Podcasting is still so unknown….. I launched this podcast in May of 2015, but I was already a fan of many podcasters. I didn’t realize how my knowledge of the podcast world set me quite a […]
Urban Street Angels San Diego Helping Homeless Youth 1 Bar of Soap at a Time in San Diego (5/24/2016) - Eric Lovett ~ Founder and Executive Director of Urban Street Angels and 8 West, helping homeless youth from around the country, who inhabit the streets of San Diego's seemingly idyllic Ocean Beach A Sweet-Smelling Old Building? When you walk into the old building behind the church on Polk Street, yes, it looks like any community center […]
Preserving Intimacy while Raising Young Children (6/7/2016) - Quentin Hafner, LMFT ~ practicing in Orange County, Quentin shares tips on how couples can maintain their intimacy when they start having kids.Check out Quentin's upcoming workshopRE-CONNECTINGEVERYTHING YOU NEED IN AN 8-WEEK ONLINE MARRIAGE WORKSHOP FOR NEW PARENTSBegins July 01, 2016 Quentin Hafner, LMFT Preserving intimacy is a tough chore for many couples, but particularly when […]
Staying Zen while Dating Online (6/21/2016) - Dee Wagner ~ co-author of Naked Online, a modern day Zen and the Art of Internet Dating, speaks of some of the trials and tribulations involved with online dating, and how to stay zen in the face of it all Are YOU One of the 49 Million people in the US who have tried online dating?? […]
Dealing with a Narcissist (7/5/2016) - Darlene Lancer, JD LMFT ~ educates us about narcissism and how to deal with a narcissist, as discussed in her new book... The topic of narcissism seems to be all the rage of popular fodder on the internet and the pop news shows these days. But what they are really referring to is our “selfie generation”, […]
Zander Keig Zander Keig: Beyond Race Or Gender (7/19/2016) - Zander Keig, LCSW  shares with us his experiences, indicative of a deeper causality of discriminationthat taps into a primal fear of 'the other' that transcends race or gender... I met Zander at a friend's house-warming party.  We spoke of working within the government agency system of therapy and had a lively discussion.  I went home […]