Season I Episodes and Guest Experts

This is the episode directory for Season 1 of Coaching Through Chaos podcast.
Season 1 ran from 6/8/2015 to 11/17/2015 and consists of 24 episodes.
A bonus op-ed episode is included, as well as a Quadcast duocast with @QuadfatherMFT.

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Dr Mark Wiederhold (Virtual Reality Medical Center) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Virtual Reality PTSD Treatment for Veterans (6/8/2015) - Dr Mark Wiederhold, VRMC This interview features Dr Mark Wiederhold of the Virtual Reality Medical Center, with an emphasis on their virtual reality PTSD treatment for veterans.The Virtual Reality Medical Center has been treating patients for over 20 years, with high success rates. What first began with the application of VR technology to the treatment […]
Dr Harry Haroutunian (Hazelden Betty Ford  Center) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Hazelden Betty Ford Center (6/16/2015) - Dr. Harry Haroutunian In this podcast, Dr.Mullen speaks with Dr.Harry Haroutunian, the Physician Director of The Betty Ford Center. They discuss some of the many services available to assist addicts in their process of recovery.  The Betty Ford Center recently merged with the Hazelden Foundation and together they provide a wealth of  services and programs to […]
Det. Mike Proctor (Antidote for a Stalker) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast The One who won’t Go Away – Antidote for a Stalker (6/23/2015) - Det. Mike Proctor (ret) Dr. Colleen Mullen speaks with retired Detective Mike Proctor, author of ‘Antidote for a Stalker‘. In this fascinating interview, you will find out about the mindset of stalkers and how to protect yourself from them. You will also hear about the evolution of the anti-stalking laws in the United States and […]
Darlene Lancer JD, MFT (Codependency for Dummies) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast I Need you to Complete Me – Codependency Decoded (6/30/2015) - Darlene Lancer, JD MFT Dr. Colleen Mullen speaks with Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT, author of Codependency for Dummies. The topic is codependency: what it is and what it is NOT; the difference between normal and codependent behaviors and what a person can do to help themselves. Do you know someone who has a need to […]
Andrew Chang (Eastern Foundry) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Watching out for our Vets : The Eastern Foundry Incubator (7/7/2015) - Andrew Chang There are many organizations coming up with new approaches to treating PTSD as we speak.  For this episode, I had the opportunity to interview Andrew Chang, one of 4 managing partners of the Eastern Foundry, a veteran-owned technology and innovation incubator. In their own words:  “Eastern Foundry is a first-of-its-kind marketplace where technologists, […]
Amy Morin LCSW (13 Things) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Mental Strength Training with Amy Morin (7/14/2015) - Amy Morin, LCSW Life can throw a lot of hardships in our paths, which it seems only the mentally strong can withstand... Following tragic losses in her life, Amy Morin LCSW wrote a list to remind herself how to keep going. Shared on, the list went viral, then flooded Forbes. Like a beacon in […]
Jeff Motske CFP (Couples Guide to Financial Compatability) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Financial success begins at Home (7/21/2015) -   Jeff Motske, CFP    ~  Do discussions about money bring discord into your relationship ? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.  In this interview, certified financial planner Jeff Motske provides helpful tips to resolve this problem, as covered in his book - 'The Couples Guide to Financial Compatibility'. The solutions he […]
Melanie Notkin (Otherhood) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Otherhood with Melanie Notkin (7/26/2015) - Melanie Notkin   ~ Author of Otherhood and Savvy Auntie discusses circumstantial infertility and the growing demographic of PANKs in this Auntie's Day special edition. In your 20s, if you dreamed of finding a partner and creating a family, and your life didn’t exactly go as planned leaving you single and not wanting to have […]
Human Instruments (8/4/2015) -   Vahakn Matossian  ~ the co-founder of Human Instruments introduces us to the limitless creative possibilities their technology brings to individuals previously constrained by physical limitations. Learn how Human Instruments combines some plywood, electric paint and clever electronics to foster creativity for millions of adults living with a disability. Podcast: Play in new window | […]
Stewart Levine (Resolution Works) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Collaboration leads to Conflict Resolution (8/11/2015) -   Stewart Levine  ~ transitioned from lawyer to abundance thinking conflict resolution expert, he reviews for us  some of his methods to resolve conflicts that may occur at home or at work. His approach is refreshing and has garnered him an extensive corporate clientele who benefit from learning his methods for Resolutionary Thinking. You can […]
Dr Bonnie Bergin (Paws for Purple Hearts) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Paws for Purple Hearts (8/18/2015) - Bonnie Bergin ~ creator of the service dog, she shares with us compelling stories of their origin and history, as well as the current initiative Paws for Purple Hearts - in which Veterans train service dogs to assist fellow Veterans in need.  Paws for Purple Hearts  is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization - and you can […]
Shelley Davidescu (Clean Forks) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Nourish Your Body and Increase Your Business! (8/25/2015) -   Shelley Davidescu, LMFT  ~ founder of - power food coaching for powerful women to help Grow your business and Shrink your booty !  Podcast: Play in new window | Download (41.4MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | How to Subscribe Do you know a successful woman who, no matter how smart […]
Christian Moore (WhyTry) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Flipping the Switch to Greater Resiliency with Christian Moore (9/1/2015) - Christian Moore, LCSW  ~ when things get you down, flip the switch... Learn about resiliency from the founder of and author of 'The Resiliency Breakthrough'. From kids to adults, everybody can benefit from increasing their resiliency skills, and Christian tells us how AUDIO TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE Podcast: Play in new window | Download (59.8MB) Subscribe: […]
Kibby McMahon &  James Crowson (PocketLab App) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Is that a Lab in your Pocket ? (9/8/2015) - James Crowson & Kibby McMahon ~ creators of PocketLab, introduce us to their app, which allows psychologists and quantifiable-self aficionados to catalog mindfulness. You can use PocketLab App to track your personal state of mind, to conduct complex data gathering on a study population or to monitor and enhance the mindfulness of patients, right from […]
Julie Golstein Grumet (Suicide Prevention Resource Center) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Suicide Prevention is Necessary (9/15/2015) -   Julie Goldstein Grumet, Phd ~ Director of Prevention and Practice at the Suicide Prevention Resource Center speaks about the many programs and resources available via The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255 ( Veterans Crisis Line is also available 24/7  at     1-800-273-8255 Press 1 ( Podcast: Play in new […]
Afshin Khosravi (Network of Care) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Veterans Network of Care (9/22/2015) -   Afshin Khosravi  ~ the CEO of Trilogy Integrated Resources talks to us about the Veterans Network of Care portal, a resource repository for active duty service members, veterans and their families. provides a comprehensive directory  of resources spanning many states and counties, not only for Veterans but also for many other members of […]
Joe Vim Whitcomb (Reboot your Relationship) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Reboot Your Relationship (9/29/2015) - Why Do We Need Relationship Experts?What Joe does is so important. Anything someone can do to improve their relationship should be explored (Side note:  I would be remiss in not mentioning that when there is active domestic violence by one or both partners, or active substance abuse, relationship counseling or coaching is contraindicated. A professional […]
School Violence Prevention / Westside DBT What Prevents School Violence Prevention? (Educated Op-Ed) (10/6/2015) - Once a Week in the United StatesWe live in a society in which hearing about murders on school campuses 40 times this year is outrageous on one hand, and numbing on the other. Forty times just this year in the United States people – both kids and adults- went to their school campus to never […]
Sasha Ginsburg (Westside DBT) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Westside DBT – Building Lives Worth Living! (10/6/2015) - How it startedThe Westside DBT center was founded by friends and colleagues License Clinical Social Workers  Sasha Ginsberg and Erin Lotz.  Their doors opened almost 6 years ago.  They were initially a small clinic set up to treat those people suffering from interpersonal and behavioral dysregulation as well as people with chronic and persistent suicidal […]
Eric Zimmer (The One You Feed) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast He Feeds his Good Wolf (10/13/2015) - My guest today  is Eric Zimmer.  Eric and his best buddy, Chris Frobes started The One You Feed podcast in early 2014 and it has quickly risen in popularity.  The One You Feed  features guests each week who educate the audience through their conversation with Eric.  The conversations always start with a question about how […]
Rick Collins (Vets360) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Vets360 End the Stigma of PTS(d) (10/20/2015) - Rick Collins ~ Founder and executive director of ~ A veteran himself, Rick's mission is to help our new generation of returning combat veterans re-acclimatize to the society and freedom that they have been protecting. In this episode, set to release on tuesday 10/20, Rick speaks candidly about the need to remove the stigma […]
The Irrelationship Group interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Irrelationship – Are you in one? (10/27/2015) - IЯRELATIONSHIPToday’s guests on The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast are Mark B. Borg, Jr., Ph.D., Grant H. Brenner, M.D., and Daniel Berry, RN, MHA. They are the co-authors of the new book, “Irrelationship: How We Use Dysfunctional Relationships to Hide from Intimacy (Central Recovery Press, 2015). The term “dysfunctional relationship” is part of our vernacular these […]
Ret.Chief Matt Shobert interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Fire and Iron VS. TBI and PTSD (11/3/2015) -  Introducing Matt ShobertI thought I had a fair amount of initials after my name, but here’s Matt Shobert MA, EFO, CFO, MIFireE. Matt had been the Fire Chief for the Murrieta Fire Department (MFD) since March 2011, and has served as Fire Chief for two other jurisdictions prior to joining the MFD team. He holds […]
Jeff Dill (Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (11/10/2015) -   Jeff Dill  ~ a retired Fire Captain and also a Counselor, he founded the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, whose mission is to raise awareness of mental health issues affecting firefighters and EMTs in an effort to decrease the growing number of suicides among them. Through outreach and education, FFBHA aims to better educate counselors […]
Dr Barton Goldsmith (100 Ways to Overcome Shyness) interviewed on the CoachingThroughChaos podcast Overcoming Shyness (11/17/2015) - Today we are talking about tackling and overcoming shyness. I think most people can relate to being shy in at least certain situations. Some more so and more frequently than others, but I think we can all relate to that feeling of butterflies in our stomach when we think of doing something that instigates our […]