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About the author
Dr. Colleen Mullen, PsyD., LMFT is the founder of the Coaching Through Chaos private practice and host of the inspiring podcast of the same name. For almost 2 decades, she has been empowering her clients to live their best lives. Her work and writing has been featured on over 100 websites, podcasts, radio and tv shows. You can find her online at coachingthroughchaos.com or follow her on IG, Facebook or Twitter @DrColleenMullen.

Have you thought you were doing all the right things to get ahead in your career, but somehow you just keep hitting roadblocks?

Inside “The 60-Day Plan for Embracing YOUR Inner Leader” you will be…

  • Taken on Dr. Colleen Mullen’s journey of success from sleeping in her car at 17 to standing out as a leader in her field!
  • Shown exactly where corporate America has gone wrong.
  • Taught the 10 top characteristics of great female leaders, then shown exactly how to develop those traits in yourself!
  • Pulled into inspiring stories of success from everyday women you may never hear about.
  • Given an insider look at a top influencer’s take on building a brand!
  • GIFTED the 60-Day Plan for Embracing YOUR Inner Leader!

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