Dan Franks

 ~ Co-Founder of Podcast Movement, tells us about the upcoming event in Chicago, July 2016...

Podcast Movement 2016

July 6-8


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Podcasting is still so unknown…..

I launched this podcast in May of 2015, but I was already a fan of many podcasters. I didn’t realize how my knowledge of the podcast world set me quite a bit ahead of my peers. You see, podcasting is a fast-growing broadcasting medium that so many people still don’t really know how to navigate or just what jewels they’ll find in the sea of titles. Podcasting is a way to have a voice publicly to bring information, education, humor and help to so many. I always wanted my own radio show and podcasting was my way of going ahead and bringing my idea to life without having to worry if someone would sponsor me or give me a paycheck for it (I, of course, would like to have those things, but I was able to get started without them). I spend so much of my free time listening, learning and laughing in the podcast world, it still surprises me when I end up explaining to a friend just what a podcast is or why they should be interested in them.

3 Guys with an Idea…

My guest today on The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast is Dan Franks – he’s a guy that, to say the least, wears many hats in life. Among other things, he’s a podcaster, a marketing professional, an entrepreneur and a visionary. He and a couple of buddies had an idea that came together through a podcasting meet-up. They had an idea for creating a podcasting community – by podcasters, for podcasters. This idea has since become Podcast Movement. Podcast Movement launched as a small conference for podcasters in 2014. They had a few hundred people in attendance in a really small, hot venue in Texas. The conference has grown so much that there are expecting a few thousand people in attendance for 3 days at the 4-star Hyatt Regency in Chicago this July 6-8. I know I can’t wait to get there!

What you'll hear in today's interview:

  • How Dan & his buddy found the courage to develop their own podcast (the Entrepreneur Showdown)
  • When his entrepreneurial spirit ignited
  • The importance of differentiating yourself as a podcaster
  • How  3 guys talking at a media conference led to the birth of Podcast Movement
  • How Podcast Movement has grown
  • Who Podcast Movement is for
  • Some cool stories about his experience coordinating the conference
  • What to expect from this year's conference
  • My experience of being part of the podcasting community (a little love-gushing on my part!)
  • The coolest thing Dan experienced at the first Podcast Movement in 2014.
  • How uber-famous podcaster Marc Marin was just one of the crowd when he attended in 2015.
  • How Podcast Movement highlights not only the biggest podcasters but also the lesser-known podcasters who are producing unique shows
  • What Dan is looking forward to most at this year's event

What happens at Podcast Movement?

Podcast Movement 2016 is for the actual podcasters. There are over 80 breakout sessions with some well-known, and some who should-be-well-known podcasters that will be chatting about either what they do or on a specific topic around podcasting. There will be sessions on launching your show, monetizing it, recording quality, equipment, marketing and anything else you can think of pertaining to having a successful cast! There are so many sessions I’m looking forward to in addition to mixing and mingling with other like-minded people for a few days in a great city. There’s also going to be some pre-conference workshops and for those that are registered for the live conference, they will also be able to get access to all the sessions online without paying extra. Most podcasters have some aspect of what they do that they want to learn more about. I know I do!

Now, this conference is like many other conferences with keynote speakers and high-profile people in the industry. In today’s episode, Dan tells a great story of how Marc Marin participated at Podcast Movement 2015 right after he made history as the first podcaster to interview a sitting president. This year, they’ve got Kevin Smith, who many people know and love from Jay & Silent Bob movie fame – he’s also a podcaster and will be a keynote speaker along with Alex Blumberg, from the very popular “Startup” and Gimlet Media production company. There’s going to be so may people – you can get a look at the over 100 speakers already confirmed right on the Podcast Movement website.

Where to get tickets to Podcast Movement 2016?

The website: PodcastMovement.com

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