Alan Brown

~ founder and host of Crusher™TV and the award winning ADD Crusher video series.

What is CrusherTV?

Crusher™TV is a weekly online TV hosted by "Mess to Success" entrepreneur and productivity coach Alan Brown.  He and his A-List guests deliver life-changing solutions to a members-only audience. This show is meant to help the "crazy-busy" people - and who isn't crazy busy these days?!?

Each week  Alan and his guest experts share brain hacks and other simple solutions to turbocharge your productivity and quality-of-life: Crush procrastination. Get more stuff done. Have more free time. Just to name a few.
But it's more than just the TV show that makes you more productive. Crusher™TV members enjoy loads of other here for more info

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Alan teaches people how to quiet their mind AND power it up!

In this episode

Alan shares:

  • His “Mess to Success” story.
  • The story of how getting a diagnosis of ADD when he was 35 years old changed his life for the better.
  •  3 brain hacks you can use right now in order to crush ADHD and become more productive.
  •  Tells us about how he became the ADD Crusher.
  •  2 common themes in the lives of people who have trouble focusing.
  •  Why people get stifled around productivity and focus.
  •  The benefits of becoming a member of Crusher TV (its more than just a TV show!)
  •  Who can benefit from the ADD Crusher video series.


Twitter: @RealCrusherTV

To find Alan Brown and CrusherTV just go to

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For FREE videos and Previews of Crusher TV episodes, including one with yours truly (episode 11) check out the ADD Crusher You Tube Channel

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