The DINK Summit – 21 Experts in 21 Days

Robyn D'Angelo

 ~ is the Happy Couple Expert, and she will be hosting the DINK SUMMIT of 2016, featuring 21 guest experts in 21 days. The Dink Summit begins on April 11th, 2016.

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Is Your Relationship EPIC???

Do you know if your a DINK or a MINK? What's that, you ask?  Well, a DINK refers to "Double Income No Kids" and a MINK refers to "My Income No Kids".  Understand now?  Maybe recognize yourself or a few friends of yours?  My friend and colleague Robyn D'Angelo, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Orange County California recently transformed her professional life to take her fantastic skills to the masses online.  She has reinvented herself as The Happy Couple Expert. Today, she is talking with me about her upcoming ABSOLUTELY FREE ONLINE SUMMIT bringing together experts with advice for those who have chosen to remain child-free. But wait! You have kids??? That's OK, there is going to be helpful information for all couples in this summit.  It all starts online April 11, 2016. 

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In today's episode of The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast, you'll hear Robyn tell us:

* About her transformation to The Happy Couple Expert

* Who can benefit from sessions with The Happy Couple Expert

* Why she is particularly interested in helping DINKs and MINKs

* What Robyn finds to be the 2 toughest topics for couples to talk about effectively

* What her advice is for couples that bicker and argue a lot would be to help them in the moment of the argument

* What's the one thing that couples can do if they were not able to stop the argument from happening?

*  What the Love Filled & Guilt Free Summit is all about.  Robyn shares with us how her 21 day Free Online Summit works, gives us a hint at a few of her guests - (**Ill spill some beans and tell you I'm definitely one of them - I'll be talking about the emotional process of deciding to remain child-free and what grief has to do with the decision).


Robyn has so much to offer not only DINK couples, but anyone looking for some future-focused, epic relationship advice!

Want to Know MORE??


Register for Love Filled & Guilt Free right here

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I can't wait for this's going to EPIC!!! See ya there!!!


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Adaptive Sports Foundation

Pam Greene

 ~ the Program director at the Adaptive Sports Foundation shares with us some of the success stories of the program, along with upcoming fundraiser events. We have a special place in our hearts over here at Coaching Through Chaos for people who help those with physical disabilities.  My father was a paraplegic and I witnessed the judgment and assumed inability he would have in getting around.  That's why I'm proud to feature today's guest on the show.  

Podcast available
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The Adaptive Sports Foundation in Windham, New York helps differently abled people find their inner strength through various sport training programs.  They have programs that help our wounded warriors and other programs that help kids with various physical or emotional needs.  They are in upstate New York, so they have a good long winter season - that's when they hold their ski training and competitive racing.  In the summer they have fun land activities and festivities. 


In this episode, you will hear from program Director Pam Greene.  She will share with us:

  • The size of the team of volunteers and the scope of people they are able to serve in a day
  • Some of her favorite stories of people who didn't think they could do much, or who never knew they could succeed.  She shares with us the ways in which helping a differently abled person, child or adult, learn that they can do things they physically didn't think possible can change their life!
  • How you can get involved with this wonderful foundation
  • How you can participate in their programs.



Website:  Adaptive Sports Foundation

Adaptive Sports Foundation
PO Box 266
100 Silverman Way
Windham, NY 12496

(518) 734-5070 – phone
(518) 734-6740 – fax




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School Of Psych

Jared DeFife, PhD

 ~ the host of the School Of Psych podcast joins us today for a reciprocal interview in which he talks about his path, his practice and his podcast.  Meanwhile, over at the School of Psych podcast, you can hear his interview with Dr Mullen.


Podcast available
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On the School of Psych Podcast, Jared brings his listeners captivating interviews of people who have a deep knowledge of psychology, culture, and have a perspective worth sharing.  In his private practice Dynamic Counseling & Consulting in Atlanta Georgia, Jared focuses his work on helping his clients recover from heartbreak.  Jared feels a deep connection to people who feel their emotions deeply, and can be preoccupied with a relationship.  His passion is helping his clients overcome uncertainty and ambivalence in their relationships and break free from destructive self-doubts and self-criticism.

The school of Psych Podcast has been in the Top 10 of  iTunes Science & Medicine New  Noteworthy category since it launched January 2016.  It was a pleasure to interview Jared to find out more about this go-getting supporter of the brokenhearted.


Jared is a rock star!


In this interview you'll hear how Jared:

  • felt the weight of the world on his shoulders
  • learned early on about heartbreak and how that now informs his clinical work
  • thought he was going down one career path, then made a sharp turn in a different direction
  • decided to become a therapist
  • stepped out of the lab and into the clinical setting
  • the push back from the academic world regarding his decision
  • who would be Jared's ideal client
  • what you can expect from School of Psych Podcast


Over on School of Psych Podcast

Jared interviewed me about childhood experiences that influenced how I work with my clients and how I made the decision to become a therapist.  I speak about being abused and scapegoated as a child, how I used music and exercise as a form of escapism, how I coped, and the 1 person that taught me that my instincts to protect myself were probably going to save my life.  I don't spend a lot of time sharing my own personal story publicly.  This was a bold step in speaking about my own struggles and inner resiliency.  So many things influenced my experience - I do hope you go over to School of Psych to check out my story!



Where's Jared?

The School of Psych Podcast can be found on iTunes and at

Follow Jared on Facebook  ( and Twitter (@schoolofpsych)  

If you're in the  Atlanta area and want Jared to help you with your heartbreak or other relationship struggle you can find him at

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