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Traci Lynn found her passion in health and fitness immediately after high school where she obtained her first job at the local gym. She had always been involved in volleyball, basketball, and female football teams and was a track and field star since she was a kid. Although this passion for the health and fitness industry was strong, she could not imagine the places her dedication could take her.

In 1996 Traci Lynn pursued a dream to earn her National Personal Trainer Certification and began coaching kids in soccer and baseball. As with most people, Traci Lynn’s life was not as easy on the inside as it appeared on the outside. Throughout her life, Traci Lynn witnessed much trauma and was a victim of physical abuse both in childhood and in her adult relationships. This led her to make decisions that did not serve her emotional or physical self well, including developing a problem with street drugs. Although she had been in counseling, anger management programs and Alateen since the tender age of 12, Traci Lynn found that her passion for health and fitness helped her to overcome that which would have destroyed others.

That being said, Traci Lynn got caught up in the party scene for many years, as many people with emotional struggles do, and her life started to spiral downhill. Traci Lynn suffered from depression, eating disorders, addictions and was suicidal. In 2004, her life caught up with her and Traci Lynn had a life changing incident that gave her a second chance at living differently. She wanted to make the most of this opportunity and a few years later Traci Lynn became an Addictions counselor and a sponsor to many, as well as a Recovery Coach. In addition to her paid work in the field of recover, Traci Lynn also spent more than 8 years volunteering her time in recovery houses, numerous charities and 12-Step programs.

After the passing of her beloved Mother in 2011 to cancer, Traci Lynn found a renewed dedication to the health and fitness industry. She set out to become one of the leading health and fitness experts in the industry. This lead to a short stint managing a high-end sports club as the head of the personal training department, but she quickly transitioned into owning her own personal training gym.

Traci Lynn headed up her own fitness team that comprised of not only athletes, specializing in Sports- Specific Training, but also of those who were able to help their clients that have experienced injuries, through rehabilitation and detailed, specific muscle training.  She wanted all people to have access to trainers who were dedicated to improving the health and wellness of their clients, no matter their level of ability.

In 2012 Traci competed in her first fitness competition where she placed 2nd. She has quickly moved herself up the ranks and is now a Nationally Qualified Figure Athlete. She is currently in pursuit of her Pro Card in 2017 and is a published Fitness model.

Throughout this time, Traci Lynn has dedicated herself to becoming an expert in the health and fitness industry by continuously increasing her education and subject by attending numerous fitness, nutrition courses and leadership programs.

Traci Lynn has been a co-host to a health and fitness radio show in Cleveland Ohio and has been an author for Oregon Sports News. She has been interviewed by many companies as a cutting-edge fitness icon. She is a sponsored athlete for many companies. Traci Lynn cares deeply for those she is coaching, whether she is focused on their emotional or health concerns. She has become and advocate and coach for those with eating disorders, body dysmorphia and stress management, in addition to substance use recovery work.

Traci Lynn has helped multiple individuals that simply want to incorporate a fit life and live longer by her coaching and expertise in weight loss and successful nutrition and fitness programs. Traci Lynn focuses on presenting her clients with a healthy balanced plan of recovery and health in efforts to maximize their results in a safe and healthy manner and to best ensure lasting results.  

Traci Lynn is currently a Talk Radio Host, Journalist, Emcee, Web TV Fitness Host, TV personality, Producer, Red carpet interviewer and an aspiring action actor and stunt woman.

Traci Lynn has a Biography of her Life and a cook book coming out in 2017.

In 2013 Traci Lynn moved from Vancouver, BC Canada to California to pursue her career and her dreams in the Health and Fitness industry, as well as the entertainment industry. She has excelled in all areas and is excited to take on a full-time position as a Health and Wellness Coach on the Coaching through Chaos team.

In her down time, Traci Lynn stays connected to her son, who is pursuing his college education. She also loves any sort of self-improvement adventure, whether that is hiking a new mountain, taking a class on spiritual healing, or trying out new health-conscious recipes. She recently moved from Los Angeles to San Diego and is enjoying all that the San Diego lifestyle has to offer.

For more information on Traci Lynn’s previous experience as a Fitness Traineer, Competitor and Entertainment Host, visit her website:

Traci Lynn has experience as a:

Talk Radio Show Host

Writer for sports magazine

NASM Certified Trainer

Nationally qualified Figure Fitness Competitor

Published Fitness Model

Certified Drug and Addictions Counselor (Canada)

Recovery Coach

Relationship Coach


Event Host

Human Resources and marketing manager

Team Building and Management

Professional Sports

Eating Disorders Advocate and public speaker

Health and Wellness Coach

Motivational and Keynote Speaking

Lifestyle consulting

Operations Business Manager

Personal One on One Training

Nutrition consulting- Meal plans

Coach to Professional Athletes

Competition prep & diet plans

Rehabilitation Training

Sport Specific Training

Weight /Strength Training conditioning specialist

Bosu Ball- Kettle Bell Training

TRX Suspension Training Specialist

Bootcamp Coach

Team Coach

Kids Soccer and baseball Coach

Stability and Core Training

On line Coach